Frustrated by a chronic wound?

Senior couple consulting nurse

Wounds can be created many ways; surgery, injury, Diabetes, pressure, even blood clots can lead to surface wounds. Other factors can complicate treatment from medication to radiation treatment or circulation problems. Even what looks like a simple wound can become a serious (not to mention painful!) issue.

There are many treatment options for wounds and Restore Medical Group will work with you to provide the best option for care. Serious wounds can make it difficult to get around and so we offer multiple clinics along the Front Range as well as the option of traveling to the facility where you are or even your home.

We specialize in treating chronic wounds with the Restore process that could include the use of amnio products. These products use your own tissue to create new skin and have proven very effective even on people who have been treated with more conventional wound practices.

Don’t give up! This process has been approved by many insurance groups as well as Medicare Part B. What was once cost-prohibitive is now within the reach of many.

Contact us to discuss your situation and set up an evaluation.